The Right Vase for the Right Flowers

As cliché as they might feel, flowers are still a great way to brighten up a room—and you’ll likely need a vase to go along with them. There’s a good chance your favorite person doesn’t own a vase that will properly support the flowers you lovingly purchased at the Quickie-Mart, you thoughtful Casanova. Here at The Sweethome, we’d like to help you spend your day in a warm embrace, not in a sad attempt to stuff twelve long-stem roses into an empty two-liter Mountain Dew bottle from the recycling bin. Here’s how to buy the right vase for your flowers.

In order to identify what to look for, I spoke with five flower design experts to find out the dos and don’ts of matching vases to flowers: Donna Morrissey, a Massachusetts flower show judge and arranger for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts “Art in Bloom” shows, where floral arrangements are matched to art; Emily Stryker, owner of  Green Snapdragon Floral Designin the San Francisco Bay Area; Kit Wertz, co-owner of Los Angeles custom floral design studio Flower Duet; Eddie Ross, East Coast Editor for Better Homes and Gardens; and Priscilla Styer, a Haverhill, MA-based floral designer and teacher who gives talks to garden clubs on “How to transform a grocery store bouquet.”

The right type of vase for most people

bud vase

Most people should opt for opaque vases, not glass (more on that below). The best shape for a vase is an hourglass: wide at the bottom, narrowed somewhere in the middle, and slightly flared at the top (like this bud vase). Frugal people won’t want a traditional wide-mouthed vase because “You need a lot of flowers to fill them,” said Kit Wertz, co-owner of Los Angeles custom floral design studio Flower Duet. They also don’t support flowers well. “People take one or two bunches of flowers and stick them in the vase, and they just splay open,” Wertz said. The last word you want your sweetheart to associate with you is “floppy.” Stick with a narrow mouth for traditional mixed flower bunches and bouquets of roses.

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